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  • The UK thought police did nothing legal

    In a heartwarming bit of good news, the Orwellian case of Harry Miller, the man who was visited by the Humberside police to “check his thinking”, after his “offensive” tweets were registered as “non-crime hate incident”, has been upheld by the court of appeal, which also declared the Police force actions to be unlawful. The […]

  • A website to reclaim history

    There are always two sides to a story. And to history. But it has become the default of schools and the media to give a single one. Especially – indeed almost exclusively – when it comes to telling the history of Western, post-Enlightenment, industrialized, white nations. And men. This fervor to degrade one’s own history […]

  • Amazon’s Chinese propaganda arm

    In one more reminder of the monstrous powerhouse of abuse that Amazon is becoming, Reuters reports how Jeff Bezo’s company has been censoring reader’s reviews of Xi Jinping’s book. Unlike Yahoo, LinkedIn and other companies who, reports Reuters, have exited the Chinese market rather than comply with regime’s demands, Amazon is fully in bed with […]

  • Pfizer trial data: trust the peer-revew?

    To be sure, it is an unsympathetic review, but the video produced by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance is one of the best breakdowns of the Pfizer trial data produced to date. The video gives a remarkable combination of conciseness and accuracy, that details a number of questionable choices made in how the trial was […]

  • Information survives, and not just on Spotify

    The stand-up comedian turned podcast star Joe Rogan seems to be doing more to inform people than 99% of regular journalists nowadays. A few days ago he gave a fascinating interview with Peter McCullough who outlines the many contradictions and unexplainable blindspots in how the political and medical establishing is handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Prophetically, […]

  • No COVID passes for the UK, at least not by law

    Good news on the privacy front, at least for those who, in the proposed official adoption of so-called COVID passes, saw just another incautious step down the slippery slope of bureaucratic social control. Amidst various recent encouraging promises of impending liberation from covid-related restrictions, the UK government has now announced that it will not proceed […]

  • Opt out of the NHS data grab – while you still can

    A suspicious silence and lack of public debates has surrounded what appears to be a momentous decision by the government. They intend to transfer all the GP medical history of every patient in England to one NHS digital repository, where said data can be analyzed and shared with third-parties. Officially, the move is intended to […]

  • Why have Freedom For Information?

    Because knowledge is a process, not a given. Like many scientists nowadays, I though that episodes like the trials of Galileo were a thing of the past. And as a citizen born and raised in a modern industrialized democracy, I felt shielded and immunized from censorship and propaganda. Further, having witnessed the birth of the […]