Amazon’s Chinese propaganda arm

In one more reminder of the monstrous powerhouse of abuse that Amazon is becoming, Reuters reports how Jeff Bezo’s company has been censoring reader’s reviews of Xi Jinping’s book.

Unlike Yahoo, LinkedIn and other companies who, reports Reuters, have exited the Chinese market rather than comply with regime’s demands, Amazon is fully in bed with the biggest market in the world. Not the least by monopolising their computer server market, the way it does everywhere else in the world.

At the flick of the switch, Amazon will be able to shut down activities of any company disliked by Bezos, Xi, or whomever they wish to please. Just like they did with Parler and Gab, under the convenient pretence of hate speech. (FFI note: I don’t use Parler, which appears to have caved into big tech’s demands for regulating speech. But I do hang out on and, whilst I surely see plenty of silliness, I have never come across a single incitement to violence or other type of improper messaging, the way I have frequently seen on Twitter and other mainstream outlets).

It seems that the only way to freedom is to de-centralise as Gab, including by running our own servers, which we can all do at home. That, and boycotting Amazon, of course!