UK folks, URGENTLY write to your MP to ask them to VOTE AGAINST MANDATORY VACCINES – time only until tomorrow!

Urgent call to all UK readers! As Big Brother watch reports to have discovered just now, the parliament plans to vote to make vaccinations obligatory for adult care home personnel, as part of the  Draft Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021.

There is only time until tomorrow to write to your UK MP and ask them not to vote. Exhaustive instructions on how to do so. are provided

This policy seems as pointless as it is concerning to me, as I have told my MP. It is pointless because most health care workers are vaccinated already, and it seems widely accepted that vaccines may reduce the risk of transmission but will not eliminate it – and that is not taking the threat of new variants into account.

It is concerning because it sets a precedent for having the government force people to give up their rights over their own bodies, and it does so to impose the injection of a vaccine of which the short-term side effects are yet to be fully understood and the long-term effects are completely unknown (virtually by definition, since this is a new vaccine that uses a new technology).

Even if we agreed that vaccinating oneself is the right and responsible thing to do (at least for the vulnerable groups, there is no question, although it seems to be that clear, complete and transparent information concerning the risk for other groups is lacking and is being poorly collected), but in a civil society it must be a choice.

If you agree, and/or have even better reasons to expound, please follow BBW’s instructions and forward this information to anyone who may be interested!

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