Pfizer trial data: trust the peer-revew?

To be sure, it is an unsympathetic review, but the video produced by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance is one of the best breakdowns of the Pfizer trial data produced to date.

The video gives a remarkable combination of conciseness and accuracy, that details a number of questionable choices made in how the trial was designed, conducted and analysed. It is a credible analysis, very much in line with information and critiques that have been already expressed about the data.

It is so well presented that it makes an excellent resource to share with your anti-sceptical family and friends, or even with your MPs, as the video suggests. Offer this as alternative information that, whilst not necessarily conclusive, should make any healthy mind raise questions about current policies.

A pdf of the slides is also available from the site, as are additional resources and links. Enjoy!

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